Monday, May 4, 2009

The Start of the Evening

Top photo: Karen Kretschmer Kochanski (left), Marilyn Gross Stillman and Steve Fila get cozy recalling the wonders of Alegebra. And this was before the bar was open.

Middle photo: The check-in line at precisely 7 p.m. Adrienne Jacobs Graubard hands out name tags to Carl and Carolyn Melhorn. That's Colleen Bersch Brown in the background with Jon Brown (partially obscured) in the white jacket.

Bottom photo: Howard Polskin, Janice Hansen Lake (middle) and Gerry Garatino Burns take a moment's breather at the start of the evening. Gerry and Jan said if I agreed to post all the 289 photos that would be taken at the reunion, they would be glad to buy me a diet coke. I accepted immediately. These ladies know how to get things done at the lowest possible cost.

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