Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hello from the Holy Land

Joe Harari, NPHS class of 1969
NPHS classmate Joe Harari poses on the top of Masada, an ancient fortification in Israel located on top of a barren rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.  Joe was there this spring.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Aloha from Franco (Frank) Tramontano

Franco (Frank Tramontano and Richard Muglia (right), May 21, 2015
Richard Muglia spent the evening of May 21, 2015, celebrating the graduation of classmate Franco Tramontano's son Rocco (see photo below with POTUS) from the United States Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.  The picture above was taken at a house Franco rented in New London, CT,  so he could attend the graduation.  Franco, a long-time resident of Hawaii (he rocks a good Hawaiian shirt in this photo if you didn't notice), invited friends to a luau the night after the graduation.  According to Richard, there were two other Hawaiians in Rocco's class so there was a great feast that included native hula dancing led by Franco's daughter Nicole.

Franco moved to Hawaii in the mid-70s and taught there for many years.  Rocco will be stationed in Hawaii so the family will be reunited.

Richard hadn't seen Franco since the night before he and his family sailed for England in 1994 but he stayed in contact with Franco through the years.

By the way, we heard that Franco loves visitors so let me put this out there: 50th class reunion in the 50th state?  We've got a man on the ground in Hawaii who just might be able to help us.
Rocco Tramontano and President Barack Obama. Congratulations Rocco!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

RIP Nelson Ernest, 1/10/24-2/21/15, NPHS Music Teacher Who Hit the Right Notes with Students

Nelson Ernest, dedicated North Plainfield High School music teacher
Nelson Ernest, former North Plainfield High School music teacher for more than 40 decades died in Pennsylvania on Feb. 21, 2015.  He was 91 years old.  Here's the obituary.  Please feel free to add comments below about your memories of Mr. Ernest. He was kind, gentle, patient and his love of music was obvious.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

RIP Dr. Ronald Schneider, May 13, 1951 - January 2, 2015

Dr. Ron Schneider

Ron Schneider, North Plainfield High School class of 1969, died January 2, 2015, in LaCrosse, WI. He was surrounded by his family according to this obituary.  He leaves behind his wife Michelle, two children and four step children.  He was the Section Chief and Program Director of Gundersen Health Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery in Wisconsin.

Ron and his wife Michelle attended the October 2014 reunion.

If classmates have any remembrances about Ron, please post below or send to me and I will post (

Joe Harari, NPHS class of 1969 writes: It was sad to read of Ron's passage.  He looked good in the picture, as I remember him from school.  We shall all miss our QB.   
Ron and his wife Michelle at the cocktail party an hour before the 2015 NPHS class of 1969 reunion.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Selfies Are SO Funny!

Hey!  What's so funny?  Diane Broccoletti Leonard (left), Carol Mingione Greene (center) and Robin Roselle Oratio take the time to snap a selfie (above) and then crack up (below).


While the NPHS Reunion was an ongoing hub of chatter and nonstop mingling, many people took time to seek out an old friend and engage in a quieter conversation.   Here are just a few examples:
Girls Named Sue (sort of):  Susan Krisburg (left) and Suzanne Dumont Millan
Gary Garwacke and Linda Allen Dickert
Gary Garwacke (again!) and Beverly Gaston Kochard
Suzanne Dumont Millan (again!) and Emily Polskin Zylber (right)
Stony Brook alumni Paul Auerbach (left) and John Cregar.
Marilyn Gross Stillman (left) and Nancy Eddy Hanna

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dance Fever

The dancing never stopped at the NPHS Reunion on October 18, 2014.  If the DJ didn't leave at midnight -- who knows? -- maybe everyone would still be dancing today.  Check out the action.
Greg and Janice Hansen Lake take a moment from dancing to pose for the camera
Greg and Janice Hansen Lake slow things down along with other classmates including Wendy Perslin (left) and Marilyn Gross Stillman (right).   They might have been dancing to a song from The Righteous Brothers.  
Howard Polskin and Kathy Miller Senna share a chuckle with Emily Polskin Zylber.
Dancing cheek to cheek: Bob Kelley and  Kris Delunas (left) and Ron  and Michelle Schneider 
Women in white:  Wendy Perslin (center) kicks into high gear along with Kris Delunas (left).
Once around the horn with the Melhorns:  Carl and Carolyn do their thing.  

Hello from Dave Mills...Who Still Has a Crew Cut

Dave Mills at the 2009 NPHS reunion.
I received a touching email from Dave Mills, NPHS class of 1969, who was unable to make the reunion.  I've taken the liberty of including the note below with a few minor edits.  The note was sent to me by his wife Jay who has not only patience but a good sense of humor.  She wrote, "I am writing this for Dave Mills.  He hasn't come into the 20th century yet...."

Dear classmates:

I missed the reunion.  I thought it was in November, not October.  That's what happens when you're 64.  I was happy to see the video spent most of the time focusing on cleavage not name tags.  Looks like everyone had a good time and I'm sorry I missed it.

I live in Robbinsville (east of Princeton and Trenton).  My wife Jay typed this note.  If I typed it, it wouldn't be completed until 2015.  I miss all the gang.  Everybody looked good.  I will be sure to circle the date on the calendar for the next reunion no matter how years pass. I may be 64, but I am still in the game.

Best wishes and regards,


PS -- I still have a crew cut.

Monday, October 27, 2014

There's Got to Be a Morning After

Following an energetic night of dancing, drinking and reliving old memories, a hearty band of NPHS reunion party-goers managed to make it to breakfast at the hotel on the morning (9 a.m.!) of October 19.  Check out these early risers.
Dressed to thrill:  Some of the leading ladies from the NPHS class of 1968 are locked and loaded Sunday morning, ready to greet the day.  (From left to right): Nancy Waller, Judy Nazemetz, Linda Shebey Luegers, Gerry Garatino Burns, and Adrienne Jacobs Graubard (foreground).  

Dude, where's my car?  NPHS Reunion scribe Howard Polskin searches for his car Sunday morning outside the hotel.  He later discovered he took a cab from Manhattan to the reunion.  (Not really!)

Scrambled memories or scrambled eggs?  Bob Kelley and Judy Nazemetz take a minute to recall some of the high points of the Saturday night reunion.  

Sister Act:  Jill Marks Hix and Noel Marks (brother and sister) enjoy their early morning breakfast.  

Wayne's World:  Wayne DiNardo chows down Sunday morning after keeping the midnight oil burning Saturday night.  

Lights!....Cameras!....Advil!.....I Mean Action!

Steven Greene, the talented and resourceful husband of Carol Mingione Greene, has produced a wonderful 30-minute+ video of the October 18, NPHS Reunion.  You can check it by clicking here.