Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Regards from Some Classmates Who Couldn't Attend

Frank Vastano, NPHS class of 1969, was slated to attend but had to cancel at the last minute. However, he sent Janice Hansen Lake a brief note: "I was looking forward to seeing old (no pun intended) friends from NPHS." The picture above of Frank and his family was taken six years ago. Ron Schneider wrote me that he regretted he was unable to attend but he'll attend the next one (so start preparing Jan, Kathy and Gerry). And Paul Auerbach called me Sunday to get all the dirt (and boy...did I spill....but you'll never see a word of what I said in this space). He worked the ER Saturday night. I told him we toasted him at our table.

SIDE NOTES: Blog traffic is at an all-time, but a factor of at least six.....There's a lot of traffic coming from Maine. My question: Who is up there from NPHS? Leave a comment if you want...Lotsa traffic as well from Arlington, VA. If history serves as a guide, the blog will continue to get more traffic from that region.

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Emily said...

Okay, How, I'm cutting you a break and posting an entry in the blog. No one can say I'm not doing MY part to keep this thing going!

Gotta say that I am hooked on checking the blog now that the R-U is past. Wanna see the pics--see what's written. It was a fabulous party, and a lot of credit goes to Jan, Gerry, and Kathy. And I don't care who knows it, but I know, too, that you, How, "fanned the fire" in the hearts of many NP alums to get their asses in gear and make the commitment to go!

I said it after the previous R-U, and it's more true than ever after this last one: There is nothing like going to a high school reunion. High school may have been the best experience of your life, or maybe even the worst (usually somewhere in-between), but, at the age and stage we are, we can appreciate it all from a different perspective. And, for just one night, we can almost go back in time, enjoying our old friends, and even connecting with new ones, and have a damn good time. I loved it!