Saturday, February 28, 2009

Passion Pit Poll -- First Results

Here are the initial findings of the first ever NPHS Passion Pit Poll. 40% of respondents favored Johnson Drive. 20% liked Locust and Tappan. Not one person voted for Greenbrook Park (very dark, but you definitely felt someone with a bloody ax was hiding in the bushes after a murderous rampage on the western edges of Front Street). So far, no one has voted for HoJo's Motor Lodge. And -- most surprising -- 40% admitted that they got "no action" in high school. Sounds like we went to HS in the 50s.

Please take part in this poll. Vote on the right ---->

The Loneliest Place in North Plainfield

Did anyone got to this library after the age of 9? (I mean, besides Linda Shebey who I think may have lived across the street from it.) I can barely recall being in there. It's not like it was a social hang out. I used to go to the wonderful Plainfield library because my dad had a business in Plainfield (North Ave. clothing factory). And that library rocked. Always a lot of teenagers in there, reading, flirting, scoring brownie points with English teachers. But the NP library. Man....that place was like North Korea. Rarely visited. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Man in LaCrosse, WI

We learned the identity of the person who was accessing this blog in LaCrosse, WI. It's Ron Schneider, NPHS Class of 1969. Thanks for tuning in, Ron. Hope to see you in May.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Passion Pit Poll

Starting today and running for two weeks, the NPHS reunion passion pit poll will be conducted. The goal: to find the location way back when of your favorite parking spot for heart-to-heart conversations and...well....who knows what else? The photo above is on Locust Ave., between Tappan and Rockview. Very quiet. No sidewalks. No streetlamps. Bad cell phone reception (wait....we didn't have cell phones). The other locations include.....check out the poll to the right ....and vote.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Notes on the Blue Notes (our band for May 2)

The band plays a unique blend of standards, traditional, ethnic, oldies, classic country and rock music for all ages. They specialize in live entertainment for dinner dances, reunions, oldies shows, etc. The band includes five members and they have been together since 1985. The Blue Notes band has backed up well known vocalists such as Timothy Wilson, current lead vocalist of Frankie Lymon’s Original Teenagers. Band members include: Tom on keyboards & vocals; Pete on trumpets and vocals; Rick on guitar, bass and vocals; John on guitar and vocals; and Jeff on drums (Class of ‘68). Rock on dudes!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More News from the NPHS Class of 1968

More 1968 graduates are coming to the May reunion. They are: John Burke, Bill Bennett, Barbara Kuhne Harwell, Jim Nazemetz and Michael Silveri. Gerry Burns tells me that there are several people who are out of the country and will not be able to attend. They are: Harry Lewis (Toronto); Gaby Steiner Gertsh (Switzerland); and Nancy Reiss Mann (Singapore). Altogether, the NPHS Class of 1968 will have 48 at the dinner, and 26 at the breakfast.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Followers Part II

In the past week, I've been able to figure out how to use the Google analytics tool to find out more about how you (dear reader) are using this blog. Here's what I discovered based on just one week's analysis. This blog is averaging about 38 visitors a day. Usage appears to go up during the week and sinks during the weekend suggesting that visitors are accessing the blog at work (no wonder why corporate productivity is down!). We have visitors from some of the following cities: New Providence, NJ; Spokane, WA (Harari); Arlington, VA; Reading, PA (Burns); Rocky Hill; Copiague, NYC, LaCrosse, WI (who is out there?); and London, England (Richard Muglia....hello!). Altogether, the visitors represent 22 states. The search term most frequently used to find the blog is "NPHS Reunion 1969." This suggests that the NPHS class of 1968 is not using the blog as much. One keyword search for "Karen Von Tish" led a user to the site (file this under "useless but interesting tidbit"). She's pictured above with Gary Garwacke at the 2004 reunion. And one more thing....we now have 10 followers to the blog. Welcome Ron Schneider.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Followers

Nine classmates are following this blog. They are: John Hieb, Bill Thompson, Sandy Jantz, Joe Harari, Carol Mingione Greene, LindySue Nelson-DiGrazio, Janice Hansen Lake (natch), Jeff Ralli, and Maryann Schmidt, who has created her own blog about her years in North Plainfield (one post so far). You can read about Maryann by clicking here. You can follow the NPHS Reunion blog by clicking on the "Follow This Blog" item on the far right column.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In You're Really Into High School Reunions....

....then watch the TV Land new series "High School Reunion," which tracks a 20th year reunion for a Arizona high school. It premieres tonight but it will air every Wednesday at 10 p.m. Because it's a 20th year reunion it will probably be only half as cool as ours.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NPHS Class of 1969 Reunion Stats

This just in today from Janice Hansen Lake. Our classmates are coming from all over the country to attend the reunion: Arizona (1), California (3), Colorado (1), Delaware (1), Florida (3), Maryland (1), Massachusetts (1, Missouri (1), New York (2), New Jersey (13...naturally), Pennsylvania (2), and Virginia (1). Fourteen of our classmates will be bringing a spouse or guest to the reunion. Of the 44 classmates who have responded, 30 are coming to the reunion. Eight ads have been purchased (so....come a few ads!).

Here's who's coming so far: Colleen Bersch Brown, David Billman, Dennis Cecchini, Jan Cooper Leah Lamb, Suzanne Dumont Millan, Nancy Eddy Hanna, Gary Garwacke, Beverly Gaston Kochard, Barbara Green Elbeze, Marilyn Gross Stillman, Janice Hansen Lake, John Hieb, Leo Kopsaftis, Karen Kretschmer Kochanski, Michael Maresca, Janet Medinets Doctofsky, Kathy Miller Senna, Carol Mingione Greene, Janet Morris Smith, Robert Munzer, Wendy Perslin Trimarche, Emily Polskin Zylber, Howard Polskin, Joseph Ricci, Robin Roselle Orati, Richard Senna, Andrew Thomson, Joyce Triol Blanding, Frank Vastano, Robyn Waldron Massey.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Note from Dennis Disbrow

Got a wonderful note from Dennis Disbrow today. Unfortunately, he cannot attend the reunion. He will be in Palm Spring with his wife of 39 years (the anniversary is next well done Dennis!). Dennis says that he worked 30 years with the Sears HVAC division. He now spends his time playing a lot of golf; sometimes as often as four times a week if the weather is good. Best of all, he's teaching his nine-year-old grandson to play. But he wants everyone from the NPHS Class of 1969 to know that he sends his regards and he hopes to attend the NEXT reunion (so get planning Jan and Gerry). He's also still in touch with Joe Ricci.

Stats on NPHS Class of 1968 Attendees

This just in from Gerry Burns. Apparently, class of 1968 attendees are coming in from all over the country: California (3); Colorado (1); Illinois (1); Texas (1); New York (2); New Jersey (11....NATCH); Virginia (2); Pennsylvania (3); Tennessee 1); Vermont (1); Maryland (1); and Kansas (1).

And three more Class of 1968 graduates are attending the reunion: Lorrie Allen Jairdullo, Karl Krawitz and Doug Williams. Slow but steady!

Fourteen Class of 1968 graduates are bringing spouses. Altogether, 51 classmates have responded, including 23 who are unable to attend. Six have purchased ads in the program guide (come helps defray the cost of the dinner).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pre-Party Party in Room....

Looks like Karen Kretschmer Kochanski (far left followed by Carol Mingione, Joe Luisi and Janet Morris) may be putting together a small party in her hotel room (with Marilyn Gross) for anyone who's interested. She'll have some "wine and munchies" and some interesting NPHS nostalgia. This picture was taken in 2004.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More News from the NPHS Class of 1968

Gerry Burns (above, with Lou Carlucci from 2004) informs me that many more people have started signing up to attend the May 2 reunion. Here's the latest list: Edward Adams, Jim Antonisse, Jonathan Brown, Lou Carlucci, Joe Cioce, Rick Coleman, Angela DellaVentura, Bob Dietrick, Maggie Gabler King, Gerry Garatino Burns, Gail Gilbert Spinner, Susan Henry Martin, Tom Hughes, Adrienne Jacobs Graubard, Roberta Meiser Specht, MaryAnne Meyer Kochut, Bradley Musson, Judy Nazemetz, Linda Shebey Leugers, Bill Thompson, David Thompson, Nick Thul, Jeff Tuorto, Nancy Waller and Mike Watson.

Here's her message to her classmates: "If you cannot attend, please send your information sheet so we can include you in our class directory. And don’t forget to take out an ad. Prices are: $5 for Booster, $10 for ¼ page, $15 for ½ page and $25 for full page." Contact Gerry at:

Mingling of the classes (NPHS style)

So far only one photo has surfaced from the 2004 NPHS Reunion showing any type of socializing between the class of 68 and the class of 69. Here's a shot of Nancy Waller (left), Howard Polskin and Linda Shebey. Looks like they're at the bar

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on NPHS Class of 1969 Attendees

Did you miss the 2004 NPHS Reunion? Look what fun Nancy Eddy, Joe Ricci and Janet Morris had at that dinner (above). Estan muy allegre! So here are the classmates who are attending the NPHS Class of 1969 Reunion: Colleen Bersch Brown, David Billman, Dennis Cecchini, Jan Cooper Leah Lamb, Suzanne Dumont Millan, Nancy Eddy Hanna, Beverly Gaston Kochard, Barbara Green Elbeze, Marilyn Gross Stillman, John Hieb, Leo Kopsaftis, Karen Kretschmer Kochanski, Michael Maresca, Janet Medinets Doctofsky, Kathy Miller Senna, Carol Mingione Greene, Janet Morris Smith, Robert Munzer, Wendy Perslin Trimarche, Emily Polskin Zylber, Howard Polskin, Joseph Ricci, Robin Roselle Oratio, Richard Senna, Andrew Thomson, Joyce Triol Blanding, Frank Vastano, Robyn Waldron Massey.

I'm told that SEVEN CLASSMATES HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED ADS!!! It has helped us to keep the cost of our Reunion so low over all these years. It's also an inexpensive way to advertise your business or send a message to old friends. Here are the costs: full page, $24; half page, $15; quarter page, $10; one line, $5.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

NPHS Class of 1968....Pics and More Info

Here are images from the 2004 reunion: (top) Linda Shebey, Dave Thompson, Bob Sheredos and Nick Thul; (bottom) Jim Antonisse and Karen McCleary. Of course, the big question for the May reunion: will the men ditch their ties? Jim and Nick are coming to the reunion and we hear that classmate Nancy Waller will be there as well. Gerry Burns says she's received many emails from classmates who indicate they are likely to attend. In case you've forgotten, we'll have a live band at this reunion. The Blue Notes featuring drummer Jeff Tuorto from the class of 1968.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Auerbach Writes....Mingione Corrects

Paul Auerbach just returned from a trip to Nepal where he was setting up an EMS clinic in Kathmundu. Paul sent me a brief email complimenting the blog (natch). He said he's going to try to make the NPHS reunion in May (might have a family conflict). Will be interesting to learn more about his trip....ALSO: Carol Mingione corrected a post of mine from January 30, which featured three girls. I said the girl on the far right was Mingione. In fact, it is Beverly Gaston (Kochard). Mingione snapped the picture. Beverly will be attending our dinner.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

NJ....Irony Is Thy Middle Name

Had to post this photo I snapped in early November. Just too good to pass up. There's nothing remotely royal about this location at Leland and North Ave, just 50 yards from my father's former factory. At the very least, the town could give the bridge another coat of green paint. I also don't get the "Welcome to Plainfield" either. It's not like it's on the border with North Plainfield so you see the sign when you cross the border. You're already a mile inside the city. Maybe it's for train passengers with very long necks who happen to be sticking their heads out the window when the train rolls over Leland Ave.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2004 NPHS Reunion Photo

Beat Steiner, Carol Mingione and Richard Muglia (right) enjoying themselves before dinner. I've got about 30 more shots to share. And Gerry Burns has promised to send me shots from the NPHS Class of 1968 taken at the Reunion.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update on NPHS Class of 1968 Attendees

Here's the latest complete list (via Gerry Burns) of the Class of 1968 attendees for the May event: Ed Adams, Ricky Coleman, Angela DellaVentura, Bob Dietrick, Gerry Garatino Burns, Gail Gilbert Spinner, Susan Henry Martin, Tom Hughes, Roberta Meiser Specht, Bradley Musson, Judy Nazemetz, Linda Shebey Leugers, Bill Thompson, David Thompson, Mike Watson, and Doug Williams. Nine of these are also attending the breakfast and some are bringing their spouses.

If you plan to attend, please send your check for $60 for dinner and $14 for breakfast (payable to "NPHS Class of 1968") to: Gerry Garatino Burns, 1960 Dayton Dr., Easton, PA 18040.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Video Tour of North Plainfield

In case you're homesick for the sights (and sounds) of North Plainfield, here's an ambulance-eye view of our fair city. The ambulance races down Somerset Street, goes left on Greenbrook, right on Grove and then heads out to Route 22 to the scene of an accident. I'll try to capture some video on my next visit, but until then, this is the best video we've got.

Image from the 1968 NPHS Jr Prom

So who wore the tuxedos to the 2004 NPHS reunion? Nobody! This is a shot from the 1968 NPHS Junior Prom "Midnight in Martinsville." The four prom queen wannabees are all from North Plainfield, and (I believe) only one of the guys is from North Plainfield. Anyone want to guess the identities? Answers coming tomorrow or Wednesday.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

50 Years as BFF

Carol Mingione and Robin Roselle Oratio have been best friends for about 52 years. Back in 2007 they celebrated their long friendship with a trip to Nashville (above). Robin told me she'll be at the May NPHS reunion. Can't wait to hear about your holiday in Nashville ladies. That's an interesting choice for a roadtrip for BF's. Spill....

Results of NPHS Poll....So Far

I've include a poll on the bottom of this blog to see what percentage of blog readers intend to come to the May NPHS Reunion for the Classes of 1968 and 1969. Here are the results so far: 44% are coming and have already sent in their money. 22% are coming but they have NOT mailed a check. And a third are not coming.