Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Followers Part II

In the past week, I've been able to figure out how to use the Google analytics tool to find out more about how you (dear reader) are using this blog. Here's what I discovered based on just one week's analysis. This blog is averaging about 38 visitors a day. Usage appears to go up during the week and sinks during the weekend suggesting that visitors are accessing the blog at work (no wonder why corporate productivity is down!). We have visitors from some of the following cities: New Providence, NJ; Spokane, WA (Harari); Arlington, VA; Reading, PA (Burns); Rocky Hill; Copiague, NYC, LaCrosse, WI (who is out there?); and London, England (Richard Muglia....hello!). Altogether, the visitors represent 22 states. The search term most frequently used to find the blog is "NPHS Reunion 1969." This suggests that the NPHS class of 1968 is not using the blog as much. One keyword search for "Karen Von Tish" led a user to the site (file this under "useless but interesting tidbit"). She's pictured above with Gary Garwacke at the 2004 reunion. And one more thing....we now have 10 followers to the blog. Welcome Ron Schneider.

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Ron Schneider said...

Nice job on the blog, Howard. It is inspiring me to make the trip back to good old NJ. I am the one from LaCrosse, Wisconsin....go figure. I hope to make it back.
Ron Schneider