Saturday, February 6, 2010

Music Video Shot in Downtown Plainfield

Front Street sure has changed. Check out this great music video from Plainfield's original Doughboys. Lots of scenes from Front Street (hey....who removed the Surprise Store? Where's Park Gentry? And whaddabout Teppers?) One thing hasn't changed though. The Doughboys still make great music. This is a top notch rock 'n' roll song....sounds a bit like J. Geils Band. Only better. Thanks to John Cregar for passing this along to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More on Paul Auerbach's Efforts in Haiti

Here's an image of Dr. Paul Auerbach (NPHS class of 1969) who had collapsed in exhaustion after helping scores of Haitians in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. He's generated a lot of content about his efforts and when you read and hear his accounts (there's a particularly good podcast) you can't help but deeply admire his commitment to helping those in need....and his life-saving skills that are so necessary in a medical crisis. Here's his brief account of why he fainted: "Just after noon, when the meeting ended, my body finally told me to stop. I was exhausted and queasy, and so went to our headquarters and lay down on the ground. The nurses started an IV in my arm, and it took 9 full liters of IV fluid before I was able to sit up and have the lights go back on. As my wrestling coach in high school used to say, 'Paul, you don’t need to win, just don’t get pinned.' I lifted by right shoulder up and chuckled. My coach would have been proud of me." You can read the full story here. If you're interested in drilling deeper, just google "Paul Auerbach Haiti." There's a lot there.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Paul Auerbach Aids Haitain Relief Effort (1/30/10)

I'm just receiving word that Paul Auerbach used his considerable emergency medicine skills to aid in the Haitain relief effort. I'll try to get more details and post in the next few days. Here's some video from a local San Francisco TV station that interviewed Paul.