Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paul Sincavage to Attend NPHS Hall of Fame Dinner

Paul Sincavage, the wonderful NPHS history teacher who taught at the school for 39 years, will be attending the Hall of Fame dinner.  I spoke to him Monday after sending him a letter (yep....a stamped paper thing-a-jig) and he called me. I hadn't talked to him since I graduated in 1969 but we picked up like we had been in home room earlier in the week.  He's been in touch with many of our teachers and he was filling me in....I won't spill the fascinating details here.  You'll have to attend the dinner to get the scoop directly from him.  But I really wanted to ask him about the U.S. debt crisis and how this compared to other similar crises in the nation's history.  I'm sure he would have the proper historical perspective.  Lots to chew on when we see him at the Oct. 15 North Plainfield High School Hall of Fame Dinner at the Italian American Club.