Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing Persons -- NPHS Class of 1969

Please let us know if you have contact information for any of the following classmates:

Mark A. Bartosh,                                                     Constance Myers
Catherine M. Carter                                                Richard Pelizzoni
Ruth H. Christ Traver                                              Emile R. Pratt
Eileen Dwyer Pelizzoni                                           Donna R. Radkovich
Gail Eskenazi Strocker                                           Jeffrey W. Ralli
Richard J. Gargano                                                 Robert D. Riggs
Diane M. Gugulski Smokowski                               Robert M. Salerno
Deborah S. Hutchins                                              Joan C. Setterberg
Larry J. Jarema                                                      Kathleen Shovlin Grosch
Leonidas V. Kopsaftis                                             Laurie S. Smith
Renate (Rene) A. Krebs Ward                               Mary Ann M. Stripto Gitch
Lorraine W. LaManec                                            Robert I. Tarnoski
Henry M. Long                                                       Dinos Tony
Paul J. Maszczak                                                   Barbara A. Wohlers Longest
Anita L. Meeks Cain                                                Pamela L. Young

Send any updates to

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hotel Rooms Almost Sold Out!

There are only three rooms left at the Somerset Hills Hotel for October 18 at the $119 discounted rate including breakfast.  The hotel is completely sold out of extra rooms for October 17 and 18.  However, the reunion committee has made arrangements for a block of 10 rooms at the Hotel Indigo, 80 Allen Road, Basking Ridge, NJ  908-580-1300.  They will honor the $119 rate which will include breakfast.  The Hotel Indigo is a half mile from the Somerset Hills Hotel.  Again, they will only hold that rate until September 18.  Please mention the North Plainfield High School Reunion when booking your room. 

Stay tuned for a complete listing of classmates who are attending the reunion.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Classes of 1970 and 1967 Are Welcome to Join Us!

During the initial planning for the October 18 reunion, there were discussions about including another class with our ‘68/’69 Reunion.  However, we understand there are some folks from the Class of ‘67  and ‘70 who might like to attend.  If you know anyone from the Class of ‘67 or Class of ‘70 who would like to join us, please have them contact Gerry Garatino Burns ( or Janice Hansen Lake ( to get signed-up.  Their spouses are also welcome.

RIP 1969 Classmates

Stephen F. Belle
Donald E. Blank
Robert J. Brandt
Antonio DeFilippis
Nadia K. Dow Jennings
Robin L. Fowler
Alexander H. Gibson
David K. Giesa
William Hall 
Sue D. Henderson
George L. Hummel
Joseph H. LaJeunesse, Jr.
Rodman (Rod) R. Lent
Dennis K. Mansilino
Ann (Betsy) Elizabeth Micklesen Miller
Glen C. Mohr
James F. Monsell
Sandra A. Nevers Liscak
Joanne G. Pandolphino
Joan B. Pashin
James A. Reilly
Luis (Tito) A. Rojas
Douglas H. Rymer
Nancy E. Scott Greves
Tracy A. Sylvester Zaninelli
Lisa J.Todaro Aland

Don't Forget to Register for the October 18 Reunion

Mark your calendar …

Janice Hansen Lake (above) reminds all classmates that the 45th Reunion for the NPHS Class of 1969 will be held October 18, 2014 at the Somerset Hills Hotel, Warren, NJ.  As in the past, we will be joined by the Class of 1968.

She hopes you’ll join us for the reunion and would appreciate a response by August 15 so we can finalize plans.
Although the reunion committee has received responses from many classmates we still have not heard from everyone.

A postal mailing with details about the Reunion and a reservation form was sent out the end of March.  If you have not already responded, please take a few minutes and reply.  If you misplaced the forms, please contact Janice.

There is also still space in our Reunion Directory for more advertisements.  So, if you would like to promote your business and/or want to post a personal message, there’s still time.  Many of our classmates who can not attend have ordered directories so lots of people will see your ad and/or post.  If you need an ad form, email Janice  and she’ll be happy to send you one.

Janice can be contacted at: