Thursday, February 12, 2009

More News from the NPHS Class of 1968

Gerry Burns (above, with Lou Carlucci from 2004) informs me that many more people have started signing up to attend the May 2 reunion. Here's the latest list: Edward Adams, Jim Antonisse, Jonathan Brown, Lou Carlucci, Joe Cioce, Rick Coleman, Angela DellaVentura, Bob Dietrick, Maggie Gabler King, Gerry Garatino Burns, Gail Gilbert Spinner, Susan Henry Martin, Tom Hughes, Adrienne Jacobs Graubard, Roberta Meiser Specht, MaryAnne Meyer Kochut, Bradley Musson, Judy Nazemetz, Linda Shebey Leugers, Bill Thompson, David Thompson, Nick Thul, Jeff Tuorto, Nancy Waller and Mike Watson.

Here's her message to her classmates: "If you cannot attend, please send your information sheet so we can include you in our class directory. And don’t forget to take out an ad. Prices are: $5 for Booster, $10 for ¼ page, $15 for ½ page and $25 for full page." Contact Gerry at:

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