Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cox Sisters; Watson/Krisburg; Dietrich/Mills

Laraine (left) Cox Reedy and Claire Cox Krusch, from the NPHS class of 1970, showed their strong sisterly bonds. Claire was nice enough to send me this note today: "I had such a great time Saturday. I told someone I had so much fun it should have been illegal. I loved the surprise from the crashers from the Class of 70. Our class always had this wonderful ability to sniff out a good party."
Mike Watson (above) definitely had the coolest camcorder at reunion. Here he takes a break from his camera duties and relaxes with Susan Krisburg. Mike still has that wonderful red hair. We should have called him The Towering Inferno....except the film came out in the mid-70s.

Bob Dietrich (below, right) tries to dunk a ball in Dave Mills' ear. He was called for a technical foul and had to spent an hour in the hotel reception area. Dietrich looks like he can still bang a ball around. Check out his Lebron James-like grip on the ball.

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