Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ricci and Eddy; Lerner; Garwacke; Henry and Bennett; and More

Nancy Eddy Hanna with Joe Ricci. Joe is a Spanish teacher in south Jersey. He was heard to mumble many times Saturday night, Quiero una otro cerverza fria.
Marc Lerner (white shirt) takes a break from dinner to reunite with Gary Garwacke. Marc flew in from California for the reunion.
Old buds: Jack Muldowney (left) and Gary Garwacke
Old buds part II: Rich Senna and Andy Thomson.
Kathy Miller (right) and Vicki Blasucci (NPHS class of 1970). After a long, distinguished career as a teacher at NPHS, Kathy is retiring next month.
BFFs: (from left) Robyn Waldron Massey, Carol Mingione Greene, Maria Mijares (class of 1970), Vicki Blasucci, and Robin Roselle Oratio. Carol and Robyn flew in from California for the reunion. Both brought their spouses.
Bill Bennett and Sue Henry Martin. Sue retired as an English school teacher in Virginia. She told me she loves non-fiction and poetry. She recommends the late Bill Henry's (class of 1967) book "In Defense of Elitism." (And not just because they had the same last name.)

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