Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 a.m., May 3, Crowne Plaza Hotel....The Hangover

Re: Last night's reunion. It rocked. Will have more extensive post tonight with photos. But this is me this morning going for the Tylenol (was it the neck arthritis or the six shots of Jack Daniels that put the cloud on my brain?). Went to bed at 3. The dinner dance ended at about 11:30 or so, and then Ned Fitzgerald and Marilyn Gross (above) lead the sheep to the front of the hotel for some cigar smoking (no wonder my throat feels like I gargled with glass). From there, the class of 1969 went to the bar and closed it down at about 2:30. Rumor was the class of 1968 went to an after-party in Adrienne Jacobs' suite. Well.....that class always had class. I bolted at 2:45 after Tom from the class of 1970 (yes...there was a welcome contingent of gate crashers....but more on that later with photos) bought several rounds of hard liquor for what seemed like the entire bar, some strangers who wandered into the bar, and perhaps the entire adult population of Middlesex county. This morning Ned told me that he stayed around and ate White Castle hamburgers in the lobby. Stay tuned for more tales and photos from the party.

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