Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remember This?

Harrison School. Remember? Like Junior High School but with training wheels. I don't quite remember the exact function of Harrison, except to serve the 6th grade class. But it was a good way for Stony Brookers (me) to meet West Enders who seemed at first like exotic foreigners from a distant, unpronounceable country. I have no idea who uses it now, but my 6th grade experience was good.


Anonymous said...

Harrison School was used by us for music ed & phys ed repro biology course. Judy Stanislao's house is right next to the parking lot (north side).

Joe Harari

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the pix!!! For those of us living out of state for many years it is like a walk down memory lane. Even though I get to visit my sisters (Red Bank & Somerset) in NJ I never seem to get the chance to go back to NP and just see the old sites.
Harrison School should have been listed as one of the favorite spots to "park". Maybe we didn't go there in our cars, but many of us used the alcoved doorways to make out during or after a school dance!!! (Right Billy?) LOLOLOL

Carol Mingione Greene said...

I think I took 'Speech' or "public speaking" class there. I forget the teacher's name but if you said "you know" during your speech, the teacher would yell from the back of the room "No, I DON'T know...TELL ME." Then she would proceed to tell you how many times you said "and um...". Also, East End Elementary school music kids got to meet the West End School kids before starting Junior High. So I got to meet Steffi Singer, Emily Polskin, Barbara Green...just to name a few. All the flute and clarinet players.