Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interview with Kathy Miller Senna and Janice Hansen Lake

So how did you get the job spearheading the reunion for our class?

Kathy was the secretary of the class and always thought she needed to be involved in reunions. Kathy called Janice because she was local and Kathy and Janice have been organizing the reunions together ever since.

Have you done it for all reunions?


Have you attended all the class reunions? Which one(s) was most memorable….and why?

Yes. The 20th reunion, held at Wurlitizer’s in Piscataway, was probably the most memorable because the actual location was so unique. The 15th reunion, held at the VFW in North Plainfield, was also very memorable because Kathy was due with her third baby in three weeks and “she felt big as a house."

Do you work with the high school in organizing the reunion? I mean…is there somebody there who advises you or guides you in any way? Is there a book you can read like “Class Reunions for Dummies.”

No. Kathy and Janice have figured out what to do by trial and error and, luckily, no one has ever complained. They have tried to keep the reunions affordable and fun over the years. As for finding people, they actually start gathering data as much as a year in advance of each reunion. For the earlier reunions, Kathy and Janice only had the phonebook and word-of-mouth to track down people. In later years, they have used the alumni directory, mailings and the Internet.

Does going to the class reunion make you nervous or anxious in any way. (In other words….are you just like us?)

Kathy and Janice want everything to go well at the reunion and want everyone to have a good time. Other than that, they’re just like everyone else, glad to re-unite with old friends.

Will our class be having a 45th class reunion? If so, any idea where it will be?

Yes, they currently intend to plan a 45th reunion. Kathy and Janice have been happy with the current location but they are always open to suggestions. If anyone would like to join the 45th reunion committee, please let them know.

Was there any thought to having a dual class reunion with the class of 1970 (no offense class of 1968)?

Actually, Kathy approached the NPHS class of ’70 and the NPHS class of ’68 ten years ago. The class of ’68 agreed for the 35th reunion and now this reunion. The class of ’70 was not interested when they were first approached.

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