Friday, March 6, 2009

About the Visitors to this Site

Some ramblings about visitors to this site. This is what I've learned. The vast majority of visits are from the USA (natch). But we have visitors from Canada (Harry Lewis?), England, Ireland, Romania (yep...that's right....Romania) and South Africa (I have friends there but they do not know about the blog)....There's a rumor that NPHS class of 1968 grad Jeff Grand has read this blog....My cousin Bob Polskin (NPHS class of 1968), who lives in Dallas, TX, has heard of this blog, but has not read it....My close friend and former college roommate David Noonan of Morristown, NJ, has shown this blog to his wife because she has her own blog....I know that this blog is getting traffic from the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota (lots of traffic there....who's out there?), Louisiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Penn., New York (loads), Mass., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and...ta dah....New Jersey with the most. No surprise....What does this mean? Probably that NPHS grads are scattered among those states....I have been able to determine that visitors to this site drill deeper than other visitors. More than 70% drill beyond the first page. Conversely, only 10% of visitors from Ohio drill deeper than the first page of the blog....Conclusion: that's why they found oil in Texas.

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