Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Couple of Words About Couples

There are several couples for the NPHS classes of 1968 and 1969 who met in high school, married and are still together. There is Kathy Miller Senna and Richard Senna (pictured above in the center of the 2004 reunion photo with Beat Steiner and Karen Von Tish). Also from the class of 1969: John Mehltretter and Judith Stanislao Mehltretter. From the class of 1968: Judy Nagel Abbruzzese and Steve Abbruzzese; Laura Blauvelt Evans and David Evans; ; Irene Dec Sheredos and Bob Sheredos; Kathy Weiss Greco and John Greco; Lindsay Hopeful McHugh and Bob McHugh; and Carol Molinski Meaney and Jerry Meaney.

And then there's Kathy Dame Hardgrove and David Schmedes. They are getting married this September.

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judynaz said...

Kathy Dame and David Schmedes? What wonderful news! Kathy, love you! David (love you, too), I remember the day of your appendicitis attack in Mr. Kantor's class. Math was never as exciting again!