Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Great Note from Karen Von Tish Andronici

On Friday, I received a wonderful email from Karen Von Tish Andronici (left at the 2004 reunion). The following is the edited version:

I am enjoying the blog and the walk down memory lane that it provides. Loved the prom picture. At our junior prom, “Ebb Tide," there were about 6 of us girls with the same dress except in different colors. We looked like bridesmaids in a rainbow wedding in the pictures.

As an update, I still live in Medford Lakes in a log cabin in the woods - home in the loveliest sense of the word. I work in central administration for the Mount Laurel School District as the Director of Human Resources and Professional Development. I read, garden, bike, play tennis and just took up golf – and play badly.

Some of our classmates might remember my mother since there were always kids in and out of the house. She is still alive and well (lucky for her kids) and lives on her own in Toms River. My brother John, class of ‘64 is out in Wisconsin and my sister Eileen, class of ‘71 is in Ocean Township, NJ. All are well and also in education.

Karen will not be at the reunion due to a conflict in her schedule but I'm sure she'll be following the updates and will want the full download (probably posted here) after the reunion.

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