Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Auerbach Update

Paul Auerbach is still on the fence about attending. However, just last week it was announced that Paul had been named the Diver of the Year by the Diver Alert Network (see press release). I believe he was in Secaucus last week to receive the award. Here's what the organization had to say about Paul, who is a tireless champion of dive medicine and currently a professor in the division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University: "His belief in the connection between health and environment and that 'doctors must also be environmental stewards,' particularly in areas where cultures depend on the ocean, clearly show that his passion and dedication to dive medicine and dive safety has grown into a global outreach."

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John Cregar said...

One of the many happy developments resulting from Howard’s blog is that I found myself in a surprising flurry of email exchanges with Paul Auerbach. They were my first contact with Paul in more than forty years.

When I saw this blog entry on Paul, I jumped to the DAN press release and read up on his career of diverse and brilliant accomplishments. I was not aware of his achievements.

The striking statement by the CEO at the end of this article truly stands out:

“If he never did another thing, Paul’s legacy would be a tremendous one,”

I don’t believe that anyone could imagine a finer tribute - WOW! (To Heck with that watch.)

Congratulations Paul!

-- John Cregar