Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures from Joe Harari

I continue to receive a trickle of email correspondence. Joe Harari, who is Vet in Spokane, WA, has been sending some great dispatches from the West Coast (read this wonderful interview with him). This morning I received some images from him. The picture at the right shows Joe (in cap) taken at Spokane zoological park (seems natural that Joe would be there). Here's the interesting part: the young man in the middle s Jarod Munzer, Bob Munzer's son. He happens to work there and is training to be a big-cat zoo-keeper. I'm assuming that it's coincidence that Jarod is working there....although we need the back story on how Jarod and Joe wound up in Spokane of all places.

I'll post more Harari pictures later in the week. Would be nice to have some other images and correspondence. I'd be glad to hear from the class of 68 and I know some of you are reading this blog.

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