Sunday, November 30, 2008

Response from North Plainfield Grads from Email Blast (Part II)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I continued to get positive feedback about the email blast about the blog. Joe Harari wrote that "NP never looked so good." That's why I posted the picture to the left, which looks like something out of a New England prep school. The old track looks pretty good....I must admit. Marc Lerner sent me a batch of emails from California where he works as a doctor. Another Californian, Steve Miksis, also sent me a note. And Joe Ricci wrote what I assume is a thoughtful and kind note -- it was mainly in Spanish. I guess I'll have to wait until May to get the translation.

If anyone has any JPEGS from any of the previous reunions, please send them my way. And I would love to hear from the class of 1968.

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