Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the NPHS Blog

Welcome to the blog about the 2009 NPHS class reunion. I've created this blog because we probably need a central point to gather, collect information, post memories, dish and be kept up-to-date about our classmates. Kinda like a virtual Chubby's. I drove out to NP mid-November to capture some images of the hometown so I'll be sharing them in the months to come. In the meantime, be sure to visit this site where I'll try to keep everyone posted about who's coming, who's missing and any other information pertinent to the reunion. I'd love to post images of followers of the if you've got any then and now photos (or anything special from your journey) please send them to

By the way, the photo at the top of the blog was snapped at Washington Rock and it looks out over North Plainfield. It's my 50,000-foot view of the town. The image on the above right is looking at NPHS from Stony Brook School, across the mighty Stony Brook (natch).

More on my recollections on the return visit to NP to follow later this week.


jharari103 said...

Great job Howard. No. Pfd. never looked so good in real life!

Joe Harari, Spokane, WA

Anonymous said...

Howard, thanks for the photos. Seems like one was from the Washington Rock lookout in Greenbrook. Wondering if I remember this correctly, in my pre-Alzheimers state. I am a maybe on attending the reunion, but am enjoying seeing the communications, including one from Joe, who was briefly my roommate at Rutgers before fleeing my ever-expanding room mess in horror 6 weeks in to our freshman year. I am now in Irvine, California. Marc Lerner

Anonymous said...

Well, didn't scroll far enough down to see the last paragraph where you state the location. Definitely some type of dementia underway in my head. Cheers. Marc