Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Response to Email Blast (Part 1)

Thanks to those of you who responded so quickly (and so late at night) to the email blast alerting you to the existence of this blog.

Didn't know there were so many email-obsessed night-owls out there. Paul Auerbach was one of the first responders (I think it's in his professional genes...he works at the Stanford University School of Medicine Division of Emergency Medicine). He's going to try to make the reunion if professional and family obligations don't conflict. (Isn't it so annoying the way that happens?) That's Paul on the right in this photo snapped at the play he was in at Duke in his Freshman year. He sent it to me 5 years ago.

By the way, it's also worth reading Paul's excellent blog and one of his books Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine.

I'll be posting more responses to the email. Hope to hear from more of you. Send images. Happy Thanksgiving.

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