Monday, November 24, 2008

Where We'll Be Reunioning (if that's a word)

In case you forgot, we'll be meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Lincoln Highway in Edison, NJ. For those of you who went to the 2004 reunion, it was clean and functional, and was perfect for everyone's pocketbook. It's not likely erase one's memory of say a romantic weekend on the Isle of Capri, but compared to HoJo's on Route 22, it feels like a Four Seasons. If you've got any photos, from the last reunion there, please send to me at and I'll be sure to post ASAP.

I'll keep posting images of my visit to NP a few weeks ago when the weather was warm and sunny, and bright orange and yellow leaves fluttered in the warm late autumn New Jersey sun. The Garden State truly felt like the Garden State during my visit.

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