Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Foreign Place (for me) in North Plainfield

East End School. To me, as a Stony Brooker, East End School was like the dark side of the moon. You never just happened to drive by it like Stony Brook or West End. It was tucked in the middle of a bucolic residential neighborhood. Tiny streets that were a challenge for a VW bug. I mean, how could a school bus get through? But there was something peaceful about it, as evidenced by this photo I snapped in November. Just look at's beautiful. Real Americana. As a student, I really only experienced it as a Little League ballplayer. And it was definitely a foreign experience. If anyone has other thoughts about the East End mystic, lemme know.

The North Plainfield blog goes on hiatus until the week of January 5. Time to head south to Florida, go fishing, go swimming, catch some flicks, read a few books, and hoist one or two frosties.

Happy New Year. Here's to our health and happiness.

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Carol said...

Agreed that East End School was definitely off the beaten track for me. I was only there once to watch a high school soccer match and it seemed like we were the visiting team, not the home team!