Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Word on Ned Fitzgerald

Count Ned Fitzgerald as an attendee to the NPHS Reunion Class of 1968 1969 dinner. Just got a call from him yesterday. Ned lives with his wife Carol on the east coast of Florida. He'll be up north in the spring and he intends to make our reunion a part of his trip. If you know Ned, you know that he doesn't stray from from the sea where he likes to fish. He landed that beast about two years ago. It's good to be friends with Ned for a number of reasons, but one of the top reasons is that you will never go hungry. The man knows how to fish.

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Emily said...

Question. Does the sweatshirt say, "Jersey Bay," or "Jersey Boy?" Either way, nice catch, Nedward! Glad to hear you're gonna make it to the re-U. Gotta get my check in--enough delaying. Hope others will follow and make this thing happen!