Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who's Already Signed Up for the NPHS Reunion

This just in from Janice Hansen Lake. The following people have signed up (i.e., sent in their checks) for the May 2 reunion dinner: Suzanne Dumont Millan, Beverly Gaston Kochard, Marilyn Gross Stillman, Janice Hansen Lake, John Hieb, Kathy Miller Senna, Wendy Perslin Trimarche, Richard Senna and Robyn Waldron Massey.

Seems like the women are a bit more on the ball about early sign ups. In that spirit, I will be sending in my check for $60 this weekend payable to: NPHS CLASS OF 1969. It should be sent to: Janice Hansen Lake, 2552 Dark Hollow Road, Jamison, PA 18929.

Let's hope Janice doesn't go Bernie Madoff on us!

I'm trying to get a list of attendees from the class of 1968. Will keep you posted.

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