Friday, January 30, 2009

An Old North Plainfield Photo

The 1968 NPHS Junior Prom ("Midnight in Martinsville," right)? Hardly. Try 1963. And it shows three East End School classmates. From left to right, they are: Karen Von Tish, Nancy Bazaz. and Beverly Gaston. Thanks to Mingione for mailing....I mean emailing....the image to me. She sent me a bunch more so I'll post them when I get the chance....although I've got to start plowing through my income tax forms this weekend. Blogging is more fun, but April 15 waits for no man.

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Carol Mingione Greene said...

Hi, Howard. Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the NPHS blog. The black and white photo was taken by me. The cutie pie on the right is Beverly Gaston Kochard, who will be attending the reunion in May.
Peace, Carol Mingione Greene