Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cocktail Party Before the Cocktail Party

Emily Polskin Zylber (drink) catches up with Karen Kretschmer Hochanski (center) and Carol Mingione Greene.
If we learned anything at NPHS, we certainly developed the skill to party -- I mean network with liquids.  Although the official cocktail party didn't start until 7, classmates who checked into the hotel early, checked out the bar scene at 6:00 p.m. About 20 classmates convened for a lively hour before dressing for the evening's event in the hotel's ballroom.
Marilyn Gross Stillman (left) poses with Janice Hansen Lake, our hard-working NPHS Reunion Committee co-chairperson.  If the  Committee was a for-profit enterprise, we'd give Janice a raise and a promotion.  Instead, we'll shower her and her Class of 1968 NPHS Reunion Committee co-chair Gerry Garatino Burns with our gratitude and affection.  Well done ladies!  You put in countless hours.
Whadja get on your SAT scores?  Uh....wrong decade.  Beat Steiner and Marilyn Gross Stillman are probably checking out their retirement portfolios.
Ron Schneider and his wife Michelle.
(from left to right): Karen Kretschmer Kochanski, Janet Medinets Doctofsky and Carol Mingione Greene. 

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