Monday, August 25, 2014

Updated List of Attendees from the NPHS Class of 1969 for the Reunion

Here's the latest list of attendees from the NPHS class of 1969.  New additions are in bold.

Richard Andronici
Paul Auerbach
Colleen Bersch Brown
Diane Broccolettie Leonard
Dennis Cecchini
Frank Cramer
Suzanne Dumont Millan
Nancy Eddy Hanna
Loren (Larry) Garland
Beverly Gaston Kochard
Marylyn Gross Stillman
Janice Hansen Lake
Karen Hultburg Pirozzi
Sandra Koflanovich Jantz
Karen Kretschmer Kochanski
Paula LaCosta
Jill Marks His
Noel Marks
Janet Medinets DoctofskyCarl Mehlhorn
Carol Mingione Greene
Janet Morris Smith
Richard Muglia
Wendy Perslin Trimarche
Emily Polskin Zylber
Howard Polskin
Joe RicciRobin Roselle Oratio
Ronald Schneider
Beat Steiner
Karen VonTish Andronici
Linda Wadnick Kollar

NPHS Class of 1970
Meryl Blumberg Broadbent

REMINDER:  We still haven't heard from everyone.  If you haven't responded but plan to attend the reunion, please contact Janice Hansen Lake (  If you can't attend, please send Janice your contact information so we can be certain that the class directory has the most updated details about each of our classmates.'s never to late to place a very inexpensive ad in the reunion directory.  Contact Janice.

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