Friday, August 22, 2014

Dennis Disbrow Is a Great Grandfather!

Dennis Disbrow (class of 1969) sent the NPHS Reunion Blog a brief note with an update of his life (including his great grandfatherhood!) and a big hello for all former classmates.  We've taken the liberty of reprinting it below.  Any other classmates who would like to update us on their life situation, please write to

Just a note to let you know that I am  unable to attend the reunion this year as I leave for my Florida winter home.  I hope the classmates attending all have a great time that evening.  Just an update about me.  I retired 10 years ago on a buyout package. I spend my time golfing and fishing in Florida and New Jersey.  I became a great grandfather this year (where did the time go?).  It saddened me to see the RIP list on the blog.  I have good memories of all of them.  They are all gone too soon.  Please send my best wishes to all my former classmates.  Dennis.