Sunday, October 4, 2009

Singing Praises to the Great Caruso (Mario)

Mario Caruso (above at the conclusion of the dinner)is the president of the NPHS Alumni Association and he did a great job pulling together Saturday's dinner. He deserves a big shout-out. The dinner, by the way, honored Ethel Abrams, Grover DeVault, Beverly Gaston Kochard, Joseph Scarola and Terry Silverlight. Mario and his brother Frank ran the coolest barbershop in the area back in the day. The place oozed testosterone. It felt more like a speakeasy than a barbershop and there was even a sexy manicurist who filled my head with all sorts of...well...non haircutting types of activities. Frank and Mario are still in the business, but it's my understanding their salon is a hive of NPHS alumni activity. And best of all....they're still cool!


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