Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello from Dave Mills...Who Still Has a Crew Cut

Dave Mills at the 2009 NPHS reunion.
I received a touching email from Dave Mills, NPHS class of 1969, who was unable to make the reunion.  I've taken the liberty of including the note below with a few minor edits.  The note was sent to me by his wife Jay who has not only patience but a good sense of humor.  She wrote, "I am writing this for Dave Mills.  He hasn't come into the 20th century yet...."

Dear classmates:

I missed the reunion.  I thought it was in November, not October.  That's what happens when you're 64.  I was happy to see the video spent most of the time focusing on cleavage not name tags.  Looks like everyone had a good time and I'm sorry I missed it.

I live in Robbinsville (east of Princeton and Trenton).  My wife Jay typed this note.  If I typed it, it wouldn't be completed until 2015.  I miss all the gang.  Everybody looked good.  I will be sure to circle the date on the calendar for the next reunion no matter how years pass. I may be 64, but I am still in the game.

Best wishes and regards,


PS -- I still have a crew cut.

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