Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Pictures from Oct. 15 NPHS Hall of Fame Dinner

Master of Ceremonies Steve Novak (left) welcomed me at the door of the Italian American Club on Somerset.  The former mayor of North Plainfield was an energetic and affable MC.
Bob Kirchberger was a warm and gracious host.  As chairman of the NPHS Hall of Fame Committee, the responsibilities for the evening fell to Bob and his team.
Ernest Jaeger received the first award of the evening in the Teacher and Educator category.  Here he is shown with Dr. Marilyn Birnbaum, North Plainfield Superintendent of Schools.  His award was presented by Richard McKenna (below), the former NPHS former biology teacher and cross country coach, who still looks like he could whip off a brisk five-mile run without breaking a sweat.  Jaeger began his NPHS teaching career in 1968.  He taught English, Film and Television.  (Where were those cool courses when I was in school?  Why did I get stuck with Algebra?)  His final assignment at NPHS was Curriculum Supervisor, a position he held until his retirement in 2005.

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Carol Flis Steider said...

Mr McKenna, you look terrific! Thanks for the pictures to help remember the great times at NPHS