Thursday, December 17, 2009

R.I.P -- David Giesa

This piece of sad news came in this morning on the NPHS Alumni Grapevine. From Noel Marks to Carol Mingione to Emily Polskin Zylber. Noel wrote Carol to report that he had received a Christmas card from Pat Giesa, David's wife. The card said that David died last summer after his struggle with ALS (aka....Lou Gehrig's disease). Noel hadn't talked to David in many years but they did exchange Christmas cards. David had been living in Tampa. He had two daughters. From Mingione: "A very sweet man." She added that he grew up in the East End. David graduated with the class of 1969.

If anyone has a photo of him or a fond memory, I would be glad to post.

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Carol Flis said...

Just remember all our homeroom tricks! The world will miss him.